Does the size of your nose make you feel self-conscious about your facial appearance? Have you been mulling over the idea of getting rhinoplasty to safely reduce the size of your nose?

If the above sounds familiar to you, read on to discover how you can safely reduce the size of your nose with an aesthetic rhinoplasty procedure.

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Aesthetic Rhinoplasty: Safely Reduce the Size of Your Nose

For those unhappy about the size of their nose, there’s aesthetic rhinoplasty. This surgical procedure – also referred to as a nose job – is specifically designed to correct cosmetic issues that may be causing clients to feel self-conscious about their appearance. These issues could be as minor as smoothing out a bump on the patient’s bridge or as involved as reducing the size of the nose altogether. 

A cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure is an excellent choice for the patient who wants to safely reduce the size of their nose precisely because that’s the primary purpose of the surgery. What’s more, incisions can be placed inside the nasal passages, thus ensuring that surgical scarring isn’t visible to the naked eye. Results can be seen soon after surgery, with many patients remarking that their results make their overall facial appearance look more symmetrical and balanced. Swelling takes time to resolve.

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Are You a Good Candidate for an Aesthetic Rhinoplasty Procedure?

Wondering if an aesthetic rhinoplasty procedure is right for you? While every patient is different, the following signs usually indicate that you’re a good candidate for a nose job:

  • You’re unhappy with the overall size of your nose
  • You feel as though your nose size is interfering with your overall facial appearance
  • You’re committed to following the instructions of your plastic surgeon
  • You’ve had trouble breathing as a result of your nose
  • You have healthy expectations for the outcome of your rhinoplasty procedure

I visited a few plastic surgeons before I chose Dr. Ali for my nose job and I’m so glad I did. He was very understanding and professional throughout the entire process. With his work, you can tell he’s done several of these operations even though he looks so young. Also, if you’re south asian, I definitely recommend him because he really understands our specific facial features and references to bollywood stars!


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