Interested in changing the shape or appearance of your nose with rhinoplasty surgery?

You’re not alone. In fact, the number of Americans who sought out plastic surgery in 2018 jumped by almost a quarter of a million from 2017, with many of those patients opting to get a nose job. And it’s no wonder – when done by the right plastic surgeon, a nose job can completely change your facial appearance in a good way (remember Ashlee Simpson?).

You’re pretty much sold, with one caveat: How much should you start saving for your rhinoplasty procedure?

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The Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons – the folks who track data around popular plastic surgery procedures – the average cost of a rhinoplasty procedure in 2018 was $5,350 (just for the surgeon’s fee). This was the year when data was last available, so expect this average cost to increase by a few hundred dollars in 2019’s data.

That doesn’t mean you’ll end up paying this exact amount for your nose job. Let’s take a closer look at the factors that can affect your rhinoplasty surgery costs.

Factors Affecting Your Rhinoplasty Surgery Costs

A number of things can add on to the preliminary cost of your nose job, including:

  • Your plastic surgeon’s experience, skills, and educational background (do they have advanced training and experience in rhinoplasty?)
  • The cost of living in your particular area
  • The type of rhinoplasty you’re interested in
  • General anesthesia costs
  • Surgical center fees
  • And more

Those are a lot of factors, with a lot of uncertainty around them. So what should you really budget when planning for a nose job?

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What’s the Real Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

While every patient is different, at South Coast Plastic Surgery, our patients usually end up spending $6500-$9500 on their rhinoplasty procedure. Some patients who need a revision rhinoplasty procedure with a rib graft can expect to spend closer to $12,000.

If you’re seeking out a rhinoplasty procedure due to a medical issue or difficulty breathing, your health insurance policy may cover some or all of your surgical costs. Our office can help find out if your insurance will cover any of the cost of your surgery.

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