Functional Rhinoplasty

This young woman had a function and aesthetic rhinoplasty. She had a deviated septum and could not breathe well. She also had a bump on her nose and a bulbous tip and wanted a more refined,...Click here for more details
This young athlete had a deviated septum and history of breaking his nasal bones multiple times. He had several bumps from the previous broken bones. He underwent a Just Breathe™ Rhinoplasty to...Click here for more details
This professional basketball player had a deviated septum and broke her nose. She had a bump from the broken bone and underwent a Just Breathe™ Rhinoplasty to correct her deviated septum and the...Click here for more details
This male patient had previously broken his nose and had a closed nasal reduction. His nose was still crooked and he was unable to breathe. He had a Just Breathe™ rhinoplasty to improve this....Click here for more details
This young woman had Just Breathe™ rhinoplasty for a deviated septum and external nasal valve collapse. She also had a cosmetic tipplasty. Photographs at one month post surgery shown....Click here for more details