Are you interested in getting your dream nose, but worried about how much it might take to recover from a nose job procedure?

Worry no more: We’ve got the inside scoop on how much recovery time you’ll need for your nose job procedure, including how to have the most successful nose job recovery possible.

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Average Recovery Time for a Nose Job

While every patient is different, we usually recommend that patients take about one week off from their normal activities in order to fully recover from their nose job. Most patients tend to experience most of their nose swelling and bruising at this time, so it’s easier to spend it at home. 

Dr. Ali Qureshi uses an Enhanced Recovery Protocol after Surgery (ERAS) customized to your needs. He minimizes the use of narcotics, using numbing medicine and a combination of medications to reduce your pain and swelling. Dr. Ali Qureshi also uses the Sciton Broad Band Light (BBL) to get rid of any bruising that you might experience around the eyes after surgery to help speed up your recovery. 

Patients are able to return back to work after about a week, although we advise them to wait at least a month before resuming activities that could jeopardize their rhinoplasty results, such as playing sports or working out with balls or kettlebell weights.

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How to Have a Successful Nose Job Recovery

In order to have the most successful nose job recovery, it’s important to follow the advice of your plastic surgeon. This means refraining from major physical activities until you’re given the all-clear by your plastic surgeon, as this can ensure your nose is protected from any potential damage.

Additionally, you’ll be required to wear a small splint to hold your nose shape in place until its ready to be removed. This usually stays on for a week. We recommend not removing it until your plastic surgeon has given the seal of approval. Removing the splint too early could cause your new nose shape to not heal correctly, leading to less-than-ideal results.

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